“I was destroyed inside…”

Eduardo attended Universal since his birth, however, he lived a life of appearance “At church, I maintained a straight posture, but outside, I would lie, swear and search pornography. As I lived in this fastidious appearance, I hid everything inside me.”

The instability and inner imbalance made Eduardo feel very bad, since no one knew what he was going through.


“The worst moment of my life came much later. When I had already converted and, even, I was already working as an assistant, but, for not having watched, I fell again into the mistakes of the past and ended up leaving the Work of God.”

Feeling completely destroyed, Eduardo knew that the change would involve a change in his priorities, putting first what really mattered most: the Holy Spirit.


“I surrendered myself completely to God, because, as I was internally destroyed, I prioritized the Holy Spirit above all else. Today, my spiritual life is completely restored, I was renewed with the Holy Spirit and I returned to the Work of God as an assistant, again”, says the young man whose family and closest people confirm the transformation. To those he knows, Eduardo leaves some advice: “Put God first, because, for Him, whatever the problem you are going through, there is always a solution!”

Eduardo Vital

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