“I still needed to free myself from the grudge”

After knowing the Word of God, Magda discovered how to free herself from all the suffering caused by the betrayals.

“When I arrived at Universal, I was very upset with my ex-husband, due to the betrayals I suffered. I had no balance, no inner peace!

Furthermore, I also suffered from spontaneous chronic urticaria, a disease that caused reddish spots to suddenly appear on my body, also a lot of swelling on my face, especially around my eyes and lips. But, even taking the medication correctly, the disease remained. I was also addicted to smoking for more than twenty years and also had malignant breast cancer.”


“In the Church, I learned the importance of participating in Friday meetings to free myself from all suffering and also on Sundays to receive peace, as I didn’t have. But I didn’t just go to Church, as I tried to obey and put into practice what I was learning. This is how God not only cured me of chronic spontaneous urticaria and breast cancer, but also I overcame the smoking addiction.

However, I still needed to free myself from the grudges! At church meetings, I learned that if I forgave those who hurt me, I would be doing God’s Will and, consequently, doing myself good. That’s when I decided to do something I didn’t feel like doing: forgive my ex-husband! I began to pray for him and forgive him as I prayed, then I was free from the grudge and received great relief in my soul. Shortly afterwards, I was filled with such peace and joy that I had never had before, as I became complete, being filled with the Holy Spirit.”

Magda Denise Tavares

Source: Folha de Portugal