I Refused To Suffer In Love

Michelle’s family history consisted of women who had suffered in their love lives in some way or another, however, she wanted this to come to an end and one day become happily married

I started attending the Love Therapy seminars. The next year I started to plan my future wedding whilst I was still single. I picked out my wedding dress and started making payments towards it. That year, I took part in a special purpose at the HelpCentre in hope that I would find someone.

When I looked back on my family’s love life, it made me strive for a successful love life one day. In 2010, I had not met my partner yet, so I decided to invest time in my personal growth and health.

As years passed I still had assurance in the services and meetings that I was attending at the HelpCentre.

I started observing Chris in 2012 then the following year I approached him.

But it wasn’t until I took part in another purpose that I realised that Chris was the right person for me.

By July 2014, we were happily married, and today we both appreciate the battles taken to reach this stage.

Michelle Smith

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