“I no longer had control over my daughter”

Nayara was a very happy and special girl, a beloved daughter, who, unfortunately, ended up losing her innocence to addictions and drugs.

The Situation:

In a report from her mother, Maria, she says that she presented Nayara at the Altar of God, when she was still a child. But, as she grew up, her behavior changed, she started self-harming and using drugs.

“I started to realize that she was using marijuana, I lost total control of Nayara, because she wasn’t being honest with me, she wasn’t coming to me and saying things,” she said.

Life changing:

Not accepting that situation, Maria made a vow with God for her daughter’s transformation.

“She died in the baptistery and returned to God. Today this is the new Nayara, daughter of my vows. Today she is a blessing, she is everything I dreamed of back then,” she said.

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