How to deal with those who speak bad about us

Meditate on this message from Bishop Renato Cardoso

During the program Intelligence and Faith, on September 21, Bishop Renato Cardoso spoke about the importance of knowing how to silence the voices that speak against us in our head and outside.

Why is it important:

To illustrate, the Bishop told a story. Once, all the animals in a forest got together and decided to have a competition. Whoever reached the top of the highest mountain would be the king of the forest. The lion got ready and climbed the mountain, but he was discouraged by the words of the other animals. The giraffe tried, but saw that it wasn’t as easy as she thought. Finally, a little frog climbed the mountain and, despite the dismayed words of the other animals, he reached the top. When the other animals went to talk to the frog, they discovered that he was deaf. That is, he did not hear the words of discouragement and focused on climbing the mountain.

“This little story shows a very profound truth for anyone who wants to succeed in life: words have power”, explained the Bishop.
Therefore, we have to be very careful with the words we speak, because they can damage people’s lives. Likewise, we need to pay attention to what we let into our heart, because it can bring us down.

What to do:

“We have no control over what people say. You will never be able to stop people’s mouths. They say what they want, write what they want. Words are cheap. People talk nonsense without even thinking about it. And many know that words are weapons, and they use them, like David’s enemies, to harm. They invent lies and gossip”, evaluated the Bishop.

Thus, King David set an example, through the Psalms, that when they spoke ill of him, he would talk to God about what was happening and turn a deaf ear (like the frog in the story). “Sometimes we have to play deaf. Sometimes you have to pretend you didn’t hear. You have to guard your mouth. Play dumb”, advised the Bishop.
Therefore, we have to turn a deaf ear to the voices that come from others and to the voices in our mind that are criticizing us, discouraging us, decreasing or taking our focus away from what really matters.