His dream is to look like an alien

Understand the motivations of the man who made extreme transformations in the body to not appear to be human:

What makes a person want to transform their appearance into something that isn’t human?

Understand the case:

Frenchman Anthony Loffredo, 33, has a lifelong goal of becoming as much like a “black alien” as possible.

He owns the Instagram page called “Black Alien Project”, with more than 1 million followers, he shows how he modified his body to achieve his goal. However, he admits that despite the significant transformations he has only reached 46% of his goal.

In an interview with a podcast, Anthony says that before the body changes he believed he lived in a body that was not his. Further stating that surgeries have become an addiction.

“It can be positive because you feel better, but you have to know that there is a dark side,” he said, who cannot find a job because of his appearance.

Modifications he made to become an alien:

He removed the ears;

Removed the nose;

Removed some fingers;

He sharpened and painted his teeth purple;

He slice his tongue in two;

He covered his body with tattoos.

During the interview, he highlighted that among the next surgical interventions is the removal of his leg. “I’m ready,” he says.

What to analyse:

Human beings use their power of choice to choose what is bad for themselves. And as a way of rebelling against God’s creation, he even decides to mutilate and deform his own body.

“People use their freedom too often attack their own bodies in order to change what God created. So the person makes choices that distance him from the image and likeness of God”, explained Bishop Renato Cardoso.

In addition, the incessant search for wanting to change their own body is a way for the person to escape their own reality and the adverse situations they are experiencing. It’s the search for things that bring you pleasure and momentary satisfaction. And when that feeling, which only lasts for a few moments, ends, he goes in search of more and ends up becoming addicted.

What to do:

So, if you find yourself that way, seek spiritual help, only Holy Spirit can give a person total fulfilment. To invest in the Holy Spirit join us every Sunday at 11am & 4pm (Also at  8:30am in Portuguese)