12 Reasons to Start Over

You are someone’s inspiration!
Maybe you don’t even realize it,
but there’s always someone learning something from you,
evolving with your attitudes, looking up to you,
waiting for advice or a tip from you.

1st Reason

There are people who love you!
There are people who want you in their lives.
They insist on your company, your hugs,
your smiles and everything else that exists and/or belongs to you,
regardless of your imperfections.

2nd Reason

You are stronger than you think!
It may sound cliché, but it makes perfect sense!
You’ve fought everything and everyone since before you were born.
Getting here wasn’t by luck, it’s the merits of a strong person,
who overcame many obstacles: YOU!
3rd Reason

A frustration can be the impetus for new actions.
Dealing with the frustration of something that didn’t work out
or didn’t turn out the way you expected is horrible.
Feeling powerless in a situation is also very frustrating.
But, you know what? You can’t keep letting frustration stop you. Get rid of her!
4th Reason

No storm lasts forever.
Everything in life has an expiration date.
Keep your hopes up, don’t give up,
keep swimming!

The sun will soon shine again.
5th Reason

There will always be a blank page!
Be able to change. Change things, change the page,
change the way you write. The story is yours!
Your results will always be different
when you decide to be different.

6th Reason

You can achieve anything you set your mind to!
“You must have an idea burning inside you,
or a problem, or a mistake you want to correct.
If you don’t have enough passion from the beginning,
you won’t make it to the end.”
Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple
7th Reason

You are capable of doing amazing things!
Invest in self-love and self-confidence,
as both will be very important elements in
the process for you to achieve many achievements!
8th Reason

If you didn’t get it yesterday, you can get it today!
“I trained for 4 years to run 9 seconds.
There are people who don’t see results in two months and give up!”
Usain Bolt.
Don’t give up, hold on, just a little longer.
Get over yourself. You will get there.
9th Reason

There are things you’ve never done!
Why don’t you take the car, the bike, the bus,
or even your sneakers and go? Stop thinking about problems,
turn off your cell phone, do something different and allow yourself to live.
Discover new paths, new hobbies, new people, renew yourself.
10th Reason

You are able to transform yourself!
When you believe in yourself, you can change situations and
face whatever comes your way.
So look more fondly at your ability.
Nothing in this world is impossible!
11th Reason

It is impossible to replace you!
There never was,
there isn’t and
there never will be anyone
in this world like you.
You are irreplaceable.
12th Reason



We believe and fight for life.
We have as a premise the fact that any human being is capable of overcoming himself.

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