Healing your wounds

Look at your legs or arms, a majority of us have a scar from a fall, a burn, a surgery scar, etc… the list is nearly endless. Now, those injuries have healed, leaving us with visible scars, and although we can see those scars, they’re not painful, they’re just a reminder of that accident that took place, sometimes giving us a funny or interesting story to share.

But those are physical wounds and scars. If we talk about emotional wounds, it’s different because sometimes although time passes, an emotional wound may never truly heal if not dealt with in the right way.

For example, some people find it very hard to get over a past relationship, regardless of how much they try or how many years have passed. Maybe you’re hurt because of something a family member told you, and you can’t get over it.

We will have  a new event to help you heal from your emotional scars, in the meantime you can give us a call on our helpline +358505430336, where you will be given spiritual and practical advice on how to start your healing process.