God’s dwelling place

When a person receives the Holy Spirit, he sees the Lord Jesus in his own image…

Your life, your thinking, your heart and your quirks change. That bad temper and that sin are gone, because it died and was buried in water baptism (baptism of repentance).

That’s what baptism of repentance is: burying the old nature. If this does not happen, the person is still alive in the flesh, but unfortunately, he lives from failure to failure. However, when a person receives the Spirit of the Lord Jesus, he leaves natural faith to live under the guidance of supernatural and heavenly faith that comes from God. It is He who gives us strength, understanding, and direction. It is He who inspires us, gives us perseverance and the life with abundance promised by Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is always ready and available to make His home in the lives of those who are humble in spirit. However, the person who wants the Lord Jesus within him has to abandon the gods of this world and give up their vanities and everything. Then, yes, the person is emptied and the Holy Spirit fills it.

Baptism of repentance is the death of your ‘I’ and the baptism with the Holy Spirit is the descent and dwelling of the Spirit of God in you, that is, it is the Lord Jesus in the person’s life. This is what God wants to do in people’s lives: He wants to live inside you and not next to you, or on top of you, near you or just leaning, BUT MAKE YOU A DWELLING PLACE FOR HIMSELF!”

Bishop Macedo

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