German company designs artificial uteruses and the possibility of “creating” the baby’s characteristics

Could this be another sign of the end times?

A German company presents the EctoLife complex as a project for the first installation of artificial uteruses in the world.

Quick update:

The project estimates to generate around 30,000 babies a year through in vitro fertilization.

It also has the “Elite Package”, where parents will be able to manipulate the genetics of the embryo, that is, define its characteristics – from the color of the eyes and hair to its intelligence.

The objective of the project, according to scientists, would be to combat the population decline of some countries, and contribute to infertile couples.

It’s possible?

The biomedical technology studied for more than fifty years promises to carry out fertilization through the in vitro method, through the simulation of the mother’s uterus in incubators. The device, connected to bioreactors, will provide nutrients and hormones necessary for the development of the embryo through the umbilical cord connected to the sphere.

In addition, the proposal promises a real ‘parents’ experience with their baby. Developed mechanisms will allow them to transmit sounds and even experiences of physical contact with the fetus.

What they say:

Contrary to those who applaud such implantation of the artificial uterus, many experts in the field fear that the project will trigger – even more – the inhumanity that can generate the mass production of children without mothers, apart from the lack of commitment to their psychological development.

“It would be very useful for very premature children, those with less than 25 weeks. Using it as a kind of super incubator, instead of a factory for children, it would be possible to save the lives of many newborns and help many families”, says Giussepe Noia, from the Prenatal Diagnosis Center of the Obstetric Clinical Institute of the Hospital Gemelli in Rome.

Arrival of the future or the end?

The creation of technologies like this, in addition to reducing life to a product, directs humanity to detach its existence from its Creator. With that, behind the plausible speeches used as a solution to world issues, there are countless people who seek ways to hide what is actually happening: the preparation for the end.

“…many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.” (Daniel 12.4)

The many signs described throughout the Bible, especially in the book of Revelation – the last book of the Holy Scriptures, are already visible without needing great efforts. Wars, rumours of war, famine, natural disasters, persecution, the coolness of love in the world and between families…

It is necessary to be attentive to the signs of the end, remaining firm in the care of what is most important: the Salvation of the soul.

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