From the bottom of depression to full happiness

The unhappiness in her love life led Olímpia to the world of mental heath problems, losing everything… Until a simple newspaper showed her the path that would bring her life transformation.

“The mistreatment in the marriage and later the divorce led me to depression and a nervous breakdown. I became a sad person, I always felt watched and persecuted, getting lost in the street.

I ended up going to the doctor, who prescribed me a lot of medication, but as they didn’t work for me, I stopped taking them. I would suddenly lose strength and every two steps I took I fall. The doctors even told me that there was no solution to my problem!”


“I looked for other distractions to try to have fun, but nothing solved my problem. I lost two houses, a car, my own business, my peace of mind and almost lost my life! Meanwhile, I started having problems at work and ended up having to close my business.”


“One Sunday I went out with a friend and someone gave me a Universal newspaper. When I returned home, I started to read it and saw some testimonies of people who had been healed. That’s when I thought if these people were healed by God, so would I be. The very next Monday, I decided to go to church and, little by little, the depression disappeared.

I continued to work, but without having a fixed place to do it. Then God gave me the vision to open my shop, which is currently thriving. Today, I have peace, nothing and no one disturbs me and I received the greatest gift, the baptism with the Holy Spirit. Now, I can say that I am very happy in the presence of God!”