Look at your legs or arms, a majority of us have a scar from a fall, a burn, a surgery scar, etc… the list is nearly endless. Now, those injuries have healed, leaving us with visible scars, and although we can see those scars, they’re not painful, they’re just a reminder of that accident that took place, sometimes giving us a funny or interesting story to share.

But those are physical wounds and scars. If we talk about emotional wounds, it’s different because sometimes although time passes, an emotional wound may never truly heal if not dealt with in the right way.

For example, some people find it very hard to get over a past relationship, regardless of how much they try or how many years have passed. Maybe you’re hurt because of something a family member told you, and you can’t get over it.

We will have  a new event to help you heal from your emotional scars.


…traumas, abuse, unfaithfulness of my spouse, family problems, disappointments, financial scams…
What are you tired of holding on to from your past and want to let go of? Tick what most applies to you below and bring it along for prayer.


However, hiding this wound and pretending it doesn’t exist will not solve the problem. It is necessary to treat it the right way.

“People have no idea how many wounds they carry inside their soul and keep nurturing that, sometimes without realizing it (through a broken heart, lists of people they no longer talk to, people they avoid, when that person’s name comes up in a conversation with friends and they don’t miss the opportunity to speak badly). All because the heart is wounded. And these heart wounds spread, causing physical illnesses, financial problems, among others”, explained Bishop Renato Cardoso.

Reports of people had being healed from their wounds

Even though I’m a pastor’s daughter, I was depressed, had a lot of complexes and I tried suicide 3 times.


The Holy Spirit, transformed me and made me a new woman!

Carla Vieira 

Even as a child I saw my parents fight at home, I grew up full of traumas and became addicted to drugs…


when I came to church I learned that I could cleanse my heart and receive true joy and peace. And today I am totally transformed.

Gabriella Bent

I was always depressed, I was taking medication to try to kill myself,
I started to have spiritual problems.

I received the certainty that God is with me, and no matter the problems and difficulties I have God on my side, the Holy Spirit transformed me.


Only eight months married, I discovered my husband had two children. He spent our savings drinking, gambling and womanizing. I had a grudge so I separated from him. Bombarded with vengeful thoughts, I planned to hire an assassin or witch doctor to kill him. I became arrogant towards my employer, spread the things my husband did among my friends, and started chatting online with strangers. I suffered from insomnia, spiritual problems, suicidal thoughts and deep depression.

At the Universal Church I found hope. I learned how to use my faith and focused on overcoming my past. It was hard but I forgave my husband, his two children and exes. I made Chains of Prayer and participated in all purposes of faith. Today, my husband is free from addictions, and I no longer chat with strangers. Our marriage is restored. I am free of spiritual problems and can sleep well. All negative thoughts and depression are gone; only peace remains. I can truly say I am healed from the wounds of my past.



Event: “From a Wound to a Scar”
Date and time: Sunday, 21 May at 11am
Location: Your local Universal Church