“Freed me from everything that imprisons me”

Many people use aggression as a way to hide their suffering… for Diana, it was the only way to ‘defend’ herself…I would try to resolved everything based on violence. She would hit teachers, schoolmates… one look from them was enough for confrontation. Bullying, swearing, lies, bad company, drugs, tobacco and even theft… everything served to avoid having to face her real problems…

The aggressiveness that existed within you, what was it due to? 

The aggressiveness that I displayed was a way of hiding the weaknesses that existed within me. I acted that way for that reason. My goal was for the people around me to be afraid of me and not hurt me any more than I already was.

Did you have a lot of enmity because of your way of being? 

Yes, I didn’t let anyone near. In the end, I was always seen as a difficult person to live with.

Did you even recognise and apologize? 

No, at the time I was too proud to admit my mistakes. Deep down, I thought I was doing the right thing. My cold posture had a justification and that, for that reason, was valid.

How was all this conflict resolved within you? 

It changed when I truly found God.

Was forgiving yourself and others, part of your story? 

Yes, it was what freed me from everything that imprisoned me inside.

How is your relationship with your family and other people today? 

Today I know how to deal with people, I no longer need to act defensively.

Diana Vieira

Source: Folha de Portugal