How to find out if you have a broken heart and how to fix it

Every Sunday we make prayers of faith to heal couples and singles of any hurt they may be carrying from their past.

We will pray for the inner healing of anyone with a broken heart due to past traumas and disappointments. For someone to be truly happy in their love life, it is necessary for their heart to be healed. In the same way you have symptoms when your body is sick – your soul also shows symptoms when it’s unsettled.

Symptoms may be projected as insecurities, complexes and the burden of carrying past traumas. Many people want to change everything about themselves because of their insecurities and inferiority complexes. Past traumas can sometimes cause relationships to break down – when in fact the relationship itself is great. Whether its things brought forward from childhood or past relationships, hereditary emotional problems, can transpire into adult relationships.

Allow God to transform your life
In the same way the body needs to be healthy in order to function well – to be happy in your love life, it is essential to be emotionally and spiritually well.

It is important to understand that change is an inevitable part of healing. Self-assessment followed by the effort to change is the road to recovery. Regardless of your upbringing or past relationships, you must be willing to see things differently and allow God to transform your life.

The success of a marriage depends on this
Someone with a bruised love life may walk around in circles and get nowhere. Traumas and frustrations, from the past, will hold you back, when in fact you are here to change your story. Transformation will not be magical – you can’t change the other person, you can only change yourself. It has to be both of you, and if the other person does not want to change, then seek it for yourself, because the more wrong you do, the more hurt you will get.

There is only ONE capable of making you happy
The Holy Spirit can fill a human being so that they can be truly happy. When God created Eve for Adam He said: ‘It is not good for man to live alone’. He didn’t say that Adam was unhappy, because he already had God. On the contrary, it was when they lost God that they were unhappy, even though they had each other. They both felt empty and unhappy because they lost the presence of God. Therefore, if your goal is to be happy, seek for the Holy Spirit, then look for someone who is also happy so that together you can add to each other’s happiness.

Join us Sunday 11AM,  to take part in this special prayers.

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