VYG Academic – The Blessing of the Finalists

“The biggest problem in a university course is the desert that the candidate has to go through”

With these words, Dr. César Ribeiro begins the Special Blessing held on the 3rd of August in the scope of the University Project, by Victory Youth Group in Portugal.

This blessing marks the end of a period of academic life and the event was not only intended to congratulate the finalists for their commitment, effort and courage over the last few years to overcome each desert they faced, but also to remind everyone that their coming journey has to be founded on a single foundation, to put God first.

The event was attended by the finalists who completed their university education, as well as their relatives and friends who accompanied them on their academic journey. The event was started by the Coordinator of Victory Youth Group in Europe, Tiago Fernando and presented by Dr. César.

The afternoon was dynamic and two finalists contributed by sharing their experiences as university students. The most recently graduated Aurora Santos, a finalist in the Law Degree, was in charge of the opening speech, which she shared with all those present:

“Today we dress up in our costume and cape, but let us never stop dressing with humility, that we are no longer licensed, but that we become people capable of making a difference. May we plant in the lives of others what we intend to reap in our own. We close this cycle with the certainty that we are better people than we were when we started as freshmen. And one last piece of advice, I promise not take long; Always put God first.”

also recently graduated Jonatas Roland shared his testimony, where he spoke about the main challenges experienced during his academic journey. Namely the fact of having been a worker-student, it was not always easy to reconcile both activities, implied the repetition of some subjects. He saw part of his colleagues progressing and he was struggling to catch up on overdue subjects. He confessed that most of the time he felt like giving up, but Jonatas stressed: “At VYG I learned not to give up”. And today his university training is concluded.

The VYG focuses on helping every university student to pass through the deserts of academic life.