Fear of being alone

Love dependence is normally caused by the need to feel loved and the fear of loneliness, leading the person to jump from relationship to relationship in an attempt to satisfy this inner emptiness.

Growing up in an unstructured home, without the presence of both parents, can leave very deep marks, which often only manifest themselves in adolescence or adulthood. “When I was two years old, my parents divorced and I ended up living with my mother. Despite having weekly contact with my father, his absence from the family and the lack of daily interaction with him had consequences on my childhood and adolescence. I was a child with many fears and insecurities, who tried hard to please everyone and who suffered from a great inner emptiness”, says Marta.


The absence, emotional inconstancy and even conflicts between parents are later revealed when the child of divorced parents begins her own sentimental journey. “In my youth, I had several romantic relationships, which served as an escape from my need to be loved and also from my fear of being alone, just like my mother had,” says Marta.


Upon getting to know the Universal and starting to participate in meetings, Marta understood that the failure of her previous relationships was due to an internal problem. “I invested my strength in overcoming all the family traumas of the past, because I understood that I needed to be treated for all of this to be able to make someone happy and myself to be happy. Today, I have been happily married for eight years, where I feel loved and fulfilled”, concludes Marta. The basis of her sentimental overcoming was based on her faith, on the Word of God put into practice and, above all, on the Holy Spirit that fills the interior of all those who seek Him in fact and in truth.

Martha Silva