Check out what you need to know about this special purpose, which will bring you closer to God.

From November 19th to December 10th, for 21 days, the “The Fast of Daniel” will take place, which is for those who want a moment of intimacy with God.

What do you need to know:

“The Fast of Daniel is not a fast from food, but from unnecessary information, in which the person will give up distractions and content that do not take them closer to God. So, if you do this for 21 days, I’m sure you will become a better person and will get closer to the presence of God, the Holy Spirit”, explained Bishop Renato Cardoso, in the program “Intelligence and Faith”, on November 13th.

Who is the Holy Spirit:

During the “Morning Meditation“, on November 11th, Bishop Edir Macedo taught: “the Holy Spirit is the One who leads us to faith, it is He who convinces us of sin, righteousness and judgment (John 16:8). Jesus said, ‘And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper…’ (John 14:16). Jesus has already gone and sent the Holy Spirit, HE is on the earth, in search of those whose hearts are sincere and transparent. What pleases God is sincerity. You don’t need to deserve it to be sincere, but you need to be sincere to deserve it.”

He added: “We will begin, on November 19, the ‘Fast of Daniel’. There will be 21 days of fasting from secular information. Whatever information is not aligned with faith, we will avoid. This is what the ‘Fast of Daniel’ is. And it is a personal and non-transferable thing (each person does it according to their faith). Sometimes a person spends a lot of time on futile and useless information that doesn’t add up. So, since people want to receive the Spirit of faith, they have to invest sincerely.”

How to do this Fasting?

Understand what it is and learn the step-by-step to do this spiritual purpose

In this text, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to do the The Fast of Daniel. To participate in this purpose, you need to deprive yourself from things that distract you, to have more communion with God.

What is The Fast of Daniel?

It is a period for those who want to get closer to God. It is based on the purpose that Daniel made, which is described in the book of Daniel, chapter 10.

For three weeks, Daniel fasted to draw closer to God and gain favor, wisdom, and understanding, and he did not eat things that were pleasing to him.

Why to do The Fast of Daniel?

Because it is a time when you will show God that He is the most important in your life, so you will spend 21 days fasting and denying pleasures and entertainments that keep you away from Him.

What’s the objective?

The main purpose is to receive the Holy Spirit. That is, for 21 days, you will be away from the pleasures of this world to seek Him.

Above all, The Fast of Daniel that the Universal church does is an opportunity for you to get closer to God and start a new life with Him.

Step-by-step how to do The Fast of Daniel

First, for 21 days, you should abstain from secular entertainment, music and news. Just as Daniel did not eat delicacies and desirable foods, you will stop consuming this type of content, which are pleasurable to your flesh.

Connect with God and read the Bible more, look for Christian content that can feed your faith during the Daniel Fast period.

Don’t waste too much time on social media. If you don’t use them for work, during the Fast of Daniel you should step away from them a little to have your exclusive attention on receiving the Holy Spirit.

What to watch in this period?

In addition, you can also watch christian movies, christian series and content that will help you get closer to God. On the UNIVER VIDEO you can find exclusive contend that will help you.

Make a selection of christian movies and christian series to watch during the Fast that have a message of faith and help you stay focused on purpose.

But be careful not to get caught up in entertainments. For, the aim of this purpose is for you to develop your personal relationship with God, abandoning wrong attitudes and strengthening your communion with Him in a sincere conversation.

What to eat during this purpose?

There is no custom of fasting from food, but you can do like Daniel and eat only vegetables and water, if you want and if your health allows it.

But you can also maintain a healthier diet during the period and give up foods that are pleasurable to you, as Daniel did.

Sanctification in The Fast of Daniel

In this way, it is possible to notice that the aim of this period is to seek sanctification before God, separating from this world to live in union with Him. The mentality that has dominated this world has caused people to move further and further away from Divine principles. Thus, the Fast of Daniel goes against this, making the person regain the image and likeness of God, something that sin stole from humanity (Genesis 1:26 and Genesis 3).

When does The Fast of Daniel occur?

The Fast of Daniel can be done anytime you want. Whenever you need to be closer to God, turn to that purpose.

Throughout all Universal churches, the next one will be held from November 19 to December 10, 2023.

During the period of the Fast of Daniel, let’s unite our faith in this same purpose joining us specially every Wednesday and Sunday.

Reports of people who understand the importance of having the Holy Spirit

Even though I’m a pastor’s daughter, I was depressed, had a lot of complexes and I tried suicide 3 times.


The Holy Spirit, transformed me and made me a new woman!

Carla Vieira 

Even as a child I saw my parents fight at home, I grew up full of traumas and became addicted to drugs…


when I came to church I learned that I could cleanse my heart and receive true joy and peace. And today I am totally transformed.

Gabriella Bent

I was always depressed, I was taking medication to try to kill myself,
I started to have spiritual problems.

I received the certainty that God is with me, and no matter the problems and difficulties I have God on my side, the Holy Spirit transformed me.


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