Excess weight made of Flávio a target

Since childhood, many children end up being mocked in the school environment…

I had a normal childhood, until my teens. Because I was overweight, I was bullied. I started to isolate myself and stop liking myself. Over time, the bullying even stopped, but even so, the self-deprecating thoughts continued. I ended up going into depression.”


“I isolated myself and took refuge in games. I used to be a good student, but from the moment the depression started, I was never the same. I never tried, but even thoughts of suicide came up. I didn’t believe in anything, not even God…”


“This lasted until a family member invited me to participate in a meeting for young people. I confess that at first I didn’t believe it, but one thing is for sure, I felt very good there. It got to the point where I was given a challenge, and since I had nothing to lose, I went ahead. I can say that from then on, my life changed! And I, who was an atheist, discovered the True God!”


“The depression? It disappeared! The suicidal thoughts? I’ve never had so much desire to live as I do now. I can say that, through the Universal Church and the true Faith that they teach us, I was able to transform my life. I am happy, I have peace and self-love. I got married and I have goals I want to meet!”

Flávio Azevedo

Source: Eu era assim