“Every day I wished for death…”

“Since I was a child, I witnessed arguments and aggression between my parents”, says today a Jakelline who has already gone through so many situations in her life, who acquired a level of maturity and spiritual strength that made her grow.

At a certain point in her life, she got to know Universal and became an assistant, however, she left. “I got involved with someone and I distanced myself from God. But after leaving God for this person, I was abandoned and developed depression. I felt the desire to take my own life and lived in constant suffering”, she recalls.


Jakelline looked for solutions in evangelical churches, but, “the solutions that were presented to me were from a life of appearances. Even when they would find out that I had been an Assistant at Universal, they immediately gave me positions without even trying to find out about my spiritual state.”

As a result, the young woman ended up becoming a nervous, cold and distant person from her family. “I locked myself in a dark world and did not accept their help. Every day I wished for death and, because I had left Jesus, I didn’t think I was worthy of His forgiveness. I wanted to talk to God, to ask for strength, but I couldn’t and, at that time, I saw many figures and heard voices.”


The need for spiritual healing was notorious in Jakelline’s life and the transformation ended up happening, from the moment the true surrender took place. “I overcame the depression through the prayers and spiritual guidance and the meetings for deliverance!” Today, converted and baptized with the Holy Spirit, Jakelline is an assistant at Universal in Braga, Portugal. There she helps people who, as she once was, are at the end of her strength, ensuring that the only real way out is in Jesus, who loves us unconditionally.

Jakelline Novais

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