“Every day, I put on a mask of a strong person…”

Every day, she saw her parents arguing and threatening to end their life… HER BOYFRIEND CAME TO ATTEMPT SUICIDE IN FRONT OF HER, so Vanda had nothing more to do than pretend to have a strength she didn’t have.

In my childhood, I would go to the hospital several times due to convulsions, without the doctors understanding what I had. As I grew up, I stopped having seizures and started to suffer from cardiac arrhythmias. I remember, as a little girl, watching my father try to kill my mother. As if that wasn’t enough, at school, twice they tried to abuse me, something I hid, because I felt ashamed.”


“I saw my parents arguing several times and saying that one day they would end their lives. My boyfriend even attempted suicide in front of me. So, with that, in spite of being frustrated and empty, even crying every night, it I would pretend to be strong. I felt the frustration of every day having to put on a mask of a strong person, when deep down I was also fed up with the life I had. But if I went down, it could be the end of everyone”, says Vanda.


“I was trying to solve the problems by drinking alcohol, but it was only getting worse. Even in the realm of relationships, I was suffering what my parents had suffered. I thought it was normal and that I was just born to suffer! It was a huge lack of self-love”, confesses Vanda. However, it was in the face of a spinal problem that left her paralyzed with pain at the age of 24, that the young woman came to the desperate conclusion that something had to happen.


Her mother, who had already attended Universal, a church that Vanda was so hostile to, invited her and, although reluctant, she accepted. “On the first day, I was healed instantly. I, who could barely walk, reached the point of running. Gradually, everything changed, miracle after miracle!”, says the young woman who, today, is not only free from addictions, but also has inner peace. Through the Holy Spirit, she is happy and fulfilled.

Vanda Fernandes Source: Folha de Portugal

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