Event “From Wound to a Scar” brought together nearly 70,000 people in Madagascar

Sunday 21 May, in Madagascar, the “From Wound to a Scar” event was held to combat wounds in the soul. The event drew together almost 70,000 people and was attended by Government representatives.

Princess Fenosoa Ralandison Ratsimamanga said, “I cannot express my gratitude to God for everything I saw and heard today. I want to give you permission to evangelise all of Madagascar and save the people of our country”.

All those who were present on this day learnt that for God to enter your life and heal your internal wounds, you must remove everything that takes His place. In addition to the message of faith, there was a prayer for the nation, authorities and all those whose soul was in despair.

Cathy Ratsivahol, Advisor to the President of the Republic said, “I did not expect to participate in a meeting like this. God touched me deeply in the moment of prayer”.

Overall, the event was a great success and was able to help many people! If you or someone you know live in Madagascar you can find the location on our worldwide addresses page.