“Even in jail, I found peace…”

A troubled life path led Ana to seclusion and sentenced to a prison where she found true freedom

“Pregnant with her first child and forced to abort it, Ana was forced to live with her uncles who, according to her, made her life hell. In the next relationship, she was the victim of physical aggression, so it ended. With her ex-husband, she had two daughters and some stability, until he started abusing her daughters.

“After some time, I met my current husband, and that’s when I got to know the world of drugs. I started using cocaine, heroin, cannabis and, as the addiction was too big and I couldn’t afford it, I started dealing. I had depression, I had no money, because everything I earned was for drugs. We ended up living on the street because we were unable to pay rent. Because of drug debts, I took a trip as a drug smuggler, and that’s when I was arrested at Lisbon airport. I was sentenced to four years and four months, but it was in jail that I learned about the work of the Universal Church.”


“In jail, my faith began. I took advantage of the moments of prayer and the emptiness of the prison no longer existed. Even the other inmates and prison officials saw a change. I did what the pastor said on the radio and I learned to act by faith. I was in prison, but even in jail I found peace, because I heard about God and accepted the faith. It was then that the lawyer told me that I would leave early, something that he himself said was a miracle. When I left, the Church was the first place I went. I surrendered my life to Jesus and got baptised in the waters. My name has been cleared and I have no record of passing through the police or that I was ever arrested. Today, there is peace in my marriage. If before we united to use drugs, today we unite to win souls. We were baptised with the Holy Spirit, I am a collaborator and I am happy with Jesus in my life!”

Ana Resendes

Source: Folha de Portugal