When you see someone distributing leaflets on streets of the city, it’s good for you to know that: they are not just mere leaflet distributor there, but someone who has already gone through the same problems you may be experiencing – or even worse in many cases.

The Universal Evangelism volunteers, are people like you: work, study, fight for a living, take care of the family, health, finances, everything that occupies a lot of our daily lives.

But still, they take the time to extend to others the greatest opportunity of their lives, which they too have known and embraced.

Evangelism are carried out in daylight or at dawn, in strong winter or in scorching heat, in places with easy access and in others that they have to call even boats, or long walks on foot on unpalatable trails.

It can be safely said that Universal’s evangelism began with the church itself 44 years ago, when Bishop Edir Macedo preached in a square in Rio de Janeiro and the first faithful began to build a glorious history with him. See some of the works of the Evangelization Group below:

Evangelism Group Works


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