Emotional emptiness, millions in search of “temporary pleasure”

The feeling of lack, emptiness or absence of emotional or affective meaning. This is the subjective experience of a person who lives with a feeling of deep emotional emptiness…

But how does it manifest? Through continuous tiredness, a daily routine in which the days all seem the same, as they are full of “irrational activities that provide temporary pleasure”. But what activities are these? In fact, these translate into ‘small addictions’ of everyday life, some already known and others that are not even labeled as such.


This feeling of emptiness can manifest itself in different ways and vary in intensity. It can be described as a lack of positive emotions such as joy or enthusiasm, as well as an inability to connect emotionally with others or one’s experiences. This emotional void can be caused by a variety of factors, such as traumatic experiences, significant loss, social isolation, relationship issues, lack of purpose or meaning in life, depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders.


It is essential to understand that emotional emptiness can be a challenging and impactful experience in a person’s life. If you are persistently experiencing this feeling and it negatively affects your quality of life, seek support that will help you explore the underlying causes and develop strategies to deal with the emotional void in a healthy way.

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Source: Folha de Portuga

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