Drinking to take the pain away…

… but it won’t go, so you keep on drinking.

We all tend to respond to painful experiences differently, and one of the common outlets for many is to turn to something that can temporarily relieve the pain.

Michelle, a BBC journalist, shared her story on how she turned to alcohol, after having her children removed from her. She didn’t know how to deal with the heaviness of being left alone, so she sought comfort in drinking. She explained that the more she drank, the more evident her pain became, so she would drink even more. However, nothing seemed to fill the hole she felt inside.

Research shows that one of the main causes of substance abuse is trauma. This method of coping with negative events can be damaging to the mind and body – with both short- and long-term negative effects. In many cases, the excessive use of harmful elements, such as alcohol, increases the chances of cancer and other diseases. Furthermore, it has been proven to cause depression, anxiety and trouble sleeping, and in extreme cases can even lead to hallucinations, delusions or confusion.

Many are aware of the innumerable effects of drug abuse, but what is the reason why so many are still turning to these harmful substances? The culprit leading many to turn to this negative habit is the pain that is felt in the soul.

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