Donation of basic food package supports homeless families in Chile

Poverty could skyrocket in South American country, warns World Bank

Constantly working to alleviate the suffering of the most disadvantaged, The Unisocial distributed, last Sunday (16), basic food package to help homeless families in the La Dignidad community, located in Santiago, Chile.

The World Bank warned that poverty in the South American country could grow by 10.5% in 2022. According to the institution, high inflation is among the factors that impact the social framework.

Volunteers from the social program mobilized to collect non-perishable food, which was properly organized and packaged to be distributed to families in need on Sunday.

The person responsible for the action, Maurício Oliveira, says that the objective of the initiative was to help people affected by the economic problems that have affected the population. “There are people unemployed in many families, who counts on the basics package to feed themselves”.

“A man [in a homeless situation] said that food helps, but the fact of being remembered is much more valuable, because he feels despised by society”, he comments.

In addition to donations, Unisocial members also offered hospitality and emotional support to those present, with messages of encouragement and hope.

For volunteer Lucila Toro Bustamante, being able to help the community was a beautiful experience. “There were a lot of needy people in this place, and seeing their smile and joy was very gratifying.”

Created by the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, Unisocial is present in 69 countries. Last year, the social program distributed 106,485 basic food package to vulnerable families.

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