Do your emotions control your mouth?

Many women get carried away by feelings and say what they shouldn’t, which causes harm to them

Before using her mouth to express her emotions, every woman should heed the Bible’s warning that “out of the abundance of her heart her mouth speaks” (Luke 6:45, New International Version).

The heart is popularly known as the center of feelings, ranging from love to anger. The problem is that many Christians let their words be a reflection of what they feel and, thus, they put out everything that goes through their heads and sometimes, they don’t even realize what they are doing. As a result, they generate some problems in their lives.

This can happen at work, on the street, at home with family members and even with friends. How do you act when you are bothered by someone’s attitude, when you are humiliated or even attacked by bad thoughts? Do you explode, put out what’s in your heart and react with insults and rudeness or do you practice self-control and take your cause to God?

It is normal for a Christian to go through moments of anger or sadness, just as it is for any woman. However, when this happens, it is necessary for her to remember the teachings of Jesus and evaluate the consequences of her words.
In a meditation available on Univer Vídeo, Cristiane Cardoso reflected on the subject based on the verse from Psalm 34.1: “I will praise the Lord at all times; your praise will be in my mouth continually.”

She highlighted that anyone who wants to please God and praise Him needs to be careful with the words they say, especially when faced with difficult situations that stir their emotions. “We who are God-fearing must be careful how we speak. If we have the praise, gossip, swearing or curses cannot come out of our mouths,” she said.

Today, there are those who defend the need for a woman to put out everything she thinks, but not everything should be talked about, even more so when she runs away from what pleases God. “When you’re upset, grumpy, annoyed, or angry at someone, keep your cool. You don’t need to speak. When you speak in anger, the situation gets worse and it grows. You can still say what you shouldn’t and with that you will have another problem,” she said.

Cristiane recalled that those who master their own words are powerful and perfect, as it is written in James 3.2. “The Tongue is the easiest way to sin and make bad feelings official. So instead of empowering bad situations in your life, take them to God for Him to help you overcome and be resistant to emotions and thus become a stronger woman,” she advised.

So reader, if you can’t control your mouth, review your reactions. And if you need to vent, turn to God, because He will help you to take the right attitudes.