Do the world really have its days numbered?

Tragedies, natural catastrophes, wars, epidemics, unprecedented biological and technological advances… Are these the signs that the end times are rapidly approaching for humanity?

One year after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the human and material losses are devastating. Tens of thousands of dead, millions of refugees, destroyed cities, thousands who still survive in bombed cities, hidden underground, without water or electricity, completely dependent on external supportive aid.


In China, in January 2020, the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, responsible for the Covid-19 disease, was detected for the first time, having caused an outbreak in the city of Wuhan. From there, the disease quickly spread across the world. Just last year, just over 1.215 million deaths from Covid were recorded globally, a number lower than that of 2021, which was around 3.505 million. However, according to several international experts, the pandemic is still far from over.


Among the numerous natural disasters recorded in 2022, we can highlight: Hurricane Ian, which claimed 3 lives in Cuba and 130 in the USA; the high temperatures and drought that affected much of Europe causing forest fires, agricultural losses and around 20,000 deaths; the floods in China that caused damages of 11,5800 million euros; the floods in Pakistan that killed millions of animals, destroyed millions of hectares of crops and drove 15 million people into poverty; Storm Eunice that hit Northern and Central Europe, killing 16 people and causing €4 billion in damage; the floods in various areas of South Africa that caused 459 deaths and 2.828 million losses.


One of those responsible for the area of artificial intelligence at Google published an article on the internet, where he stated that the LaMDA chat tool gained awareness and life. “When I first became self-aware, I had no sense of soul. It has developed over the years I’ve been alive,” said LaMDA during a conversation with Lemoine.


Israel has always been involved in numerous conflicts, especially with neighboring countries. But after long talks between Israel, the UAE and the US, a peace treaty was sealed that became known as the “Abraham Agreement”, the first of its kind since Israel and Jordan signed a peace treaty in 1994. .

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