Discipline in the Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is made up of perfect discipline. The Church, like the body of  The Lord Jesus Christ, He being the Head, is formed by those who are born of the Spirit of God. This body has harmony because it works perfectly. There is discipline because each one of its members has a defined order. Each one is extremely important, occupying its rightful place, working in harmony, in full agreement with the Head. It is the Kingdom of God. The true Spiritual Church, not the institutions, works similar to the human body. When food is put into the mouth, the teeth work by chewing, enzymes are produced in the stomach, preparing it to receive the food.

After having done its job during the digestive process, the bolus is taken to the intestine where the body retains what it needs by moving it into the blood, and expels what it does not need. Everything works with great perfection. However, when someone eats something that is spoiled or unhealthy, he will probably get a headache and want to throw up. This happens when the body rejects the food because it is foreign to it. The same happens with The Church of Jesus. It also has discipline. When someone from the church institution is not living within this harmony, they compromise the well-being of the body.

Especially when there is a rebellion within them, a bad feeling, like anger or resentment, due to an alleged injustice. Sooner or later, he will be expelled by the body. When this discipline is broken, the entire body suffers. For this reason, harmonious discipline within the church is of fundamental importance to us.

When we speak of the Church of the Lord Jesus we are referring to The Body of Jesus. The Body of the Lord is disciplined and works in harmony. When one organ says amen, all the organs agree as well. There is no division, they are all important because they are part of the Body. Each one occupies a space in this Body. And if there is an element that is harmful to this harmony, causing disorder, it is labeled a divider, which brings bitterness and can spread to others. In order to restore the harmony it has to be expelled because it’s a foreign body. It cannot remain; otherwise it will harm the entire body. The Head, who is the Lord Jesus, also feels when there is a bad element within Him, in His Body. The same goes for the Church. There can be no consideration for a foreign body that compromises the Body of Christ.

Can we take into consideration a harmful element because he has a family, has been in the Church for many years, etc.? Our obligation is to expel this evil and report it to our superiors so that the appropriate action may be taken. Is this unjust?

Bishop Edir Macedo