Depression, stress and anxiety… What do they have in common?

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How many times have you found yourself pondering a thought? Suddenly, it invades you like a wave of anguish that you cannot shake… Often, this frequent thought is associated with depression, stress or anxiety.

If there are illnesses that absolutely damages physical and mental health, they are depression, stress and anxiety. Usually, these three go hand in hand, the symptoms often confusing those who suffer from them, as they present very similar physical, psychological and cognitive symptoms.


Too much past; excess of the present and excess of the future… this is how the origins of depression, stress and anxiety are attributed. But, how to free yourself from these true mental prisons? Learning to live in the ‘right way’ is fundamental. But, for this to happen, an inner change will have to occur, which will make you a stronger person to face life’s problems and everyday difficulties, which will always exist.

Source: I was like that