“Cry out for all mothers”

Receive from God the secret to fulfilling your role as a mother and helping your child.

If you, mother, want to see the transformation in your child’s life, participate this Sunday (12), on Mother’s Day, in the “Cry for all mothers” at our Universal Church.


A woman – upon becoming a mother – receives a special mission to take care of other lives and in order to understand the secret to fulfilling her role and knowing how to help her children at the moment they need it most, this Sunday (12), you will receive Divine direction, taking as an example what happened to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

“Blessed is she who believed, for the things spoken to her from the Lord will come to pass.” Luke 1.45

On Mother’s Day, many mothers don’t even have anything to celebrate, as they suffer from their rebellious child, drugs and even the world of crime. Maybe you are part of this group and think you have nothing left to do, however, there is still an alternative.

“Mary, who was chosen by God to give birth to the Lord Jesus, went through all the struggles and pain that a mother goes through, when she saw her son being persecuted, mistreated and, finally, crucified. And many mothers play this same role, watching their child suffer and being unable to do anything. But, you can count on faith. We will pray in this Mother’s Day, we will cry out for the great reversal, yes: God makes twists and turns, changes situations through the power of faith!”, stated Bishop Renato Cardoso.

Event: Mother’s Day
Date and Time: Sunday, May at 11am in English/Finnish (also at 8:30am in Portuguese and 6pm in Spanish)