More than 3,500 families have benefited in Madagascar

Recently, Unisocial and the Universal in Prisons  group in Madagascar, carried out an action to assist in Antananarivo, in the capital, and in all provinces.

During 3 days, more than 500 volunteers from the groups organized to give aid to more than 3,500 families in need across the country. On occasion, basic food baskets were delivered.

In addition to physical food, everyone was able to nourish themselves with spiritual food. At the time, they understood that the food could run out in a few days, however, God wanted to give each of them with another type of food that has no shortage: the Holy Spirit.

The volunteers showed that through Him, God gathers the despised people to make them useful in His Holy hands.

Help needed

The moment was of great value not only for those who benefited from Universal, but also for the volunteers themselves. Esperant Nirina, 34, commented that from a personal point of view, the church’s work in the social field is very important and useful for society.

“It is a way to get in touch with people who are suffering and in need. Social work also gives me the opportunity to bring people help, support and spiritual assistance. Furthermore, taking care of our neighbours is a biblical order and is part of our faith.” said Esprant.