Christianity and the Church have always walked together

For those who believe in the Scriptures and their infallible authority, it is a matter of priority to obey the commandments contained therein.

For example: the Lord Jesus commanded us to eat the bread and drink the cup regularly, together with our brothers, in memory of his sacrifice (Luke 22:14-20).

I’m not sure how it’s possible for those who don’t congregate to fulfil this commandment. And I don’t write this in a critical tone. Calm your fingers and lower the stones, as this is just an observation!

Because, it’s not just about preparing some bread and some grape juice, but living Christian communion with all its pitfalls.

It doesn’t mean joining one or two other people in a cafe, in a park or in a house, to participate in the elements. Much less, sitting at the Lord’s table alone, because of resentments. Let’s celebrate the Supper with conscience and humility, just as our Lord did with His disciples.

Let us not be selective with what we believe and what we do not believe. But, let’s live the complete Gospel, believing in repentance, in water baptism, in the baptism with the Holy Spirit, in making disciples of all nations, in giving and receiving forgiveness…

If you think that congregating makes the journey difficult, I think that not congregating makes it even more difficult.

And before you choose reasons for being an “unchurched” Christian, know that the spiritual Church is perfect, but any physical church is imperfect, because human beings are part of it. In other words, the church has problems, because we are part of it. Therefore, any church will be imperfect in this world.

But, Christianity and the Church have walked together since its birth, in the descent of the Holy Spirit there in the Cenacle, in Jerusalem. And it will be like this until the end. So, let go of resentment and join together!

Heal yourself from disappointments and gather! Bear with each other’s flaws and gather together!

Jesus sacrificed His body and blood for us. Are we, then, going to sacrifice our wills for Him?

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Núbia Siqueira