Change your mindset change your life

An article by CNBC, shared 5 mindsets to give up if you want to get rich:

1. Thinking short term – the outcome of short-term thinking lies in the fact that it doesn’t allow you to think beyond the here and now, “how will I pay my bills?”, etc. Whereas if you push your mind to think long term you are likely to broaden your vision, which means your actions will follow through.

2. Fearing change – we are use to a routine that tends to not demand much from us, however once you decide to take the step to do something out of your comfort zone naturally there will be a fear that arises. Embrace change, and allow it to build in you the confidence that you need.

3. Craving instant gratification – no one becomes rich overnight, there are sacrifices that will need to be made in order for you to enjoy its benefits later on.

4. Thinking that you have to do everything yourself – delegation is the key to finding the balance within your team of employees, believe that they are capable of delivering by delegating responsibilities adequately.

5. Believing that you can’t afford to give – “Most millionaires believe in the law of sowing and reaping,”. “They see money as a seed. Millionaires know that if they are generous, they will receive more in return.” Keith Cameron Smith shared this point after having spent two years working and studying the attitudes and the way of thinking of the rich.

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