Can you heal a wound in your soul?

When a wound is caused as a result of an injury, a scar naturally forms during the body’s healing process. However, first aid must be applied in order for the wound to heal properly, such as regular disinfection.

Even the smallest of wounds, if left untreated, can become infected and create bigger problems to one’s body.

Similarly, time alone is not enough to heal the wounds in the soul caused by a painful experience in the past such as abuse, bullying, betrayal and rejection – to name a few! When neglected, an internal wound can grow and affect the person’s relationships, choices and general well-being.

For all those who would like to learn how you can turn the page from all you’ve been through in the past and start afresh then you are invited to join us every Sunday at 11AM.

See the testimony of Lucy Morais how she turned her wound in to scars that no longer hurst her: 

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