Body Vs the Soul

With the constant social media reminders about our bodies, constant updates from influencers, endless number of phrases such as “I woke up like this,” or “made in the gym,” faced with images of these perfect strangers we can easily find ourselves scrolling from one account to another comparing ourselves and wondering what we could accomplish with our own bodies which a British mother of three knows oh so well.

Laura Cambridge, from Leeds, West Yorkshire saw a Brazilian butt lift operation advertised on Instagram and was keen to have the work done after becoming paranoid about her body. The trainee beautician, 29 was inspired to pay £6,500 in cash for the operation after seeing photographs on Instagram. The procedure involved having fat extracted from the waist into the buttocks. However, she may not have been fully aware of the risks as the surgeon accidentally injected the fat too far into the muscle and it entered her veins. This caused her to have three heart attacks on the operating table and unfortunately was unable to survive this fatal implication.

Many people find themselves spending so much of their time and attention caring for their body, but what about their soul?

When we feel physical pain, relief is at our fingertips but what about when our soul experiences pain? Our body has an expiry date, but our soul is eternal and this is why every Wednesday, we have the ‘Night of the Soul’ taking place at the Universal Church.