Are you in need of validation?

Now more than ever, people are seeking the need to be validated, this subject was touched on during the study of the book: The Secrets and Mysteries of the Soul.

Social Media has become a platform for many to gain what seems to be “validation”, one like leads to the other and before you know it, it has become addictive.

Bishop James who lead the study explained that the need for validation comes from the emptiness of one’s soul. A soul that is empty will always crave attention (social media, likes, etc).

“Human beings are experiencing an emotional and spiritual meltdown, searching for validation and pleasure in things, places and people.” (Extracted from The Secrets and Mysteries of the Soul).

Only when we return back to our creator, will we find no need to be validated by things, places and people after all He made us in His own image and likeness.

Invest in your faith, invest in your soul!

You can attend the week of the healing of the soul from 12 to 19 of February.