“Am I spiritually dependent?”

If you are in a constant search for things and people to satisfy your interior, analyse yourself;

1st The person is always in search of some spiritual nourishment from third parties. On the internet, everyone is preacher, influencer and those who are dependent are always looking for someone to talk about God to them, because they don’t understand that they can and should seek food directly from His Word.

2nd The person is spiritually insecure, that is, he is afraid of death and does not believe in his own faith and prayer.

3rd There is always an intercessor between them and God. Except that they cannot rely on someone else’s faith, because Salvation is individual.

4th The person is easily deceived by spiritual “gurus”. When you make whoever your spiritual guide, it’s like saying to the Holy Spirit, “the Lord is good, but this one is better.” This is spiritual betrayal and God says in His Word that He will not share His glory with anyone (Isaiah 42:8).

5th Does not understand the spiritual things, because it outsources them. The Holy Spirit must be your guide. For you to understand the Word, faith cannot be outsourced, it has to be direct, between you and God.

6th Depend on other areas. If you do not have security and spiritual independence, you are more likely to fail financially, professionally, affectively and in other areas, because the main one, which is the backbone of life, that is, the spiritual one, is weak.

Source: “Eu era assim”