After 14 years, the long-awaited meeting!

The work of the Universal Church in France began in 1992 and currently it has 37 churches in the country, including 10 in the overseas territories.

Dealing with people, at the level of their well-being, both physical and spiritual, and with regard to the achievement of their goals by faith, this is the purpose of Universal.

Bishop Macedo regularly undertakes missionary trips around the world to bring this Word of strength and faith to all those who want and accept it.

The apostles did the same in the past, bringing the good news of the Gospel, and through it, people were set free and blessed. These days, this mode of acting has not changed.

And after Portugal, Russia, England or South Africa, after 14 years, Bishop Macedo, together with Bishop Domingos Siqueira, held, on October 23, a special meeting at the Pullman Dock, in Paris .

It was a long-awaited meeting for all those who were thirsty for a word that would renew their minds… and that was the message transmitted on the morning of October 23rd.

The importance of the Word

The Word of God is sufficient for those who seek Him. It renews the soul, the spirit, the mind, the vision. The Word renews the creature, to make it in the image of the Creator. Through the Word, a new life is possible and the greatest miracle is produced, the of salvation of the soul.

Be transformed to have God as Father

Bishop Macedo emphasised: “God is the Father of those who are abandoned and who accept to have a new life in Him. And certainly, many found in God the Father they never had… transforming  into a new life, a new beginning.”

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