Advice from Heaven to Earth’s Dwellers

The “eat only what’s enough” should become a framework in our kitchens and a continuous wisdom to dominate our desire to overeat in meals, right?

Have you noticed that there is always a good excuse to cheat on the diet and eat what our doctors have told us not to eat?

A little bite here, another little pinch there, and there go our promises of a balanced diet! Good shape and health also go together.

Although there are people who were born awarded, I’ll tell you, because they eat “fat” and huge plates of food every day and they don’t get fat or feel sick!

But taking care of food habits is such a serious matter that the Bible deals with it. Eating Involves Faith as it requires self-control and discipline at all times. There are those who have many virtues, but can’t control themselves in front of a tray of sweets, right?

And depending on the person, two sugared caramels already do a great deal of damage to their health.It is not pleasant to deal with this subject, which is why you almost never hear about gluttony. However, this is a sin that needs repentance as much as lying, envying or stealing.

The root of this sin is dissatisfaction and the insensitivity of wanting more when there is no need. Furthermore, emotional hunger has been the cause of many overeating. And any excess ends up costing deadly in the future.

Because the bills of our mistakes always comes, sooner or later, we are faced with the inevitable consequences.

And finally, I’ve never seen anyone die from the desire to eat something, but I’ve seen many die because they didn’t control their desire to eat everything that passed in front of them.

So, if honey is your favorite food, eat only what you need.

Nubia Siqueira / Photo: Istock