Addicted to plastic surgery, she has already spent over €150,000

Understand why influencer Nicole does so many aesthetic procedures

“I like to look fake.” These were the words of influencer Nicole Zavala, 30, who has already spent over 150.00€ on aesthetic procedures.

Understand the case:

She says that she doesn’t think about stopping the surgeries and that’s how she deals with the bad situations in life.
“When I review my stuff, I feel like this is how I deal with it. I get tattoos, I get piercings, but mostly I do surgery,” said Nicole.
Practically, a plastic surgery addict, only in the breasts she has already performed four surgical interventions.

What do you need to know:

The surgeries she performs on her body are Nicole’s way of escaping reality.
She lost her boyfriend to murder and says having the surgical procedures helps her with the pain of the loss. Including, in a video on her YouTube channel, she assumes this right in the title that says: “Surgery helps me deal with the murder of my boyfriend”.

What to Analyze:

In an attempt to escape reality itself and the adverse situations it is experiencing, many people look for things that bring them pleasure and momentary satisfaction. And when that feeling, which only lasts for a few moments, ends, we go in search of more and ends up becoming addicted.
“Everyone knows that addiction is a great thief. He steals everything from the person. But people often don’t realize that addiction is an escape. The person is trying to get away from something, they are trying to cover up another problem with addiction. That is: addiction becomes a crutch for the person to replace something that cannot resolve in their life. Replace that need, that tension or whatever it is that is broken in their life”, explains Bishop Renato Cardoso.
Addictions can come from chemical substances, such as drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, but also from games, physical exercises and even plastic surgeries.
However, it is possible to overcome this through faith. “The tool that has helped the most addicts to overcome in human history, by far, is faith. And it is this tool that we will be using to help you or a family member who wants to get rid of an addiction, whatever it may be”, advised the Bishop.

What to do:

So, if you find yourself that way, seek spiritual help to overcome and free yourself from this addiction that imprisons you. Participate in the Come & See Event. on Good Friday, 7th of April.

You can also join us on our Fridays deliverance services.

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