Accompanied by thoughts of suicide

Fears, complexes, inner emptiness, endless sadness… led Telma to think about ending her own life

“I can say that I grew up at Universal church, but, around the age of 12/13, I started to stop believing and doubt settled inside me. So, I left the Church and decided to venture out into the world, even though I knew it wouldn’t fulfil me.

After some time, the emptiness began to exist and sadness took over me. I became a very insecure young woman, full of fears and complexes, even resentful of my own sister.”


“In order to try to fill the void I felt, I hung out with bad friends, sometimes drank and went to parties. But my rock bottom was when I started thinking about suicide, spending my nights crying. Nobody knew what was happening to me, because for others I kept a false appearance, showing myself strong and well. Finally, when I decided to explain to someone what was going on with me, I didn’t get the help I needed and I was still judged for it.”


“Until I remembered where true joy could come from, so I decided to return to Universal church and change my story completely. I vented to God, everything that was inside me and, little by little, the thoughts of suicide disappeared and the emptiness was being filled. It wasn’t easy to fight social isolation and doubts, but I gave myself to Jesus with all my strength and all my soul. It was there that I was baptised with the Holy Spirit, I’m no longer alone and, even in the midst of wars, I am at peace, because I know that He is in control.

Today, I no longer let myself be dominated by doubt, fear and shyness. I am no longer a sad, empty or complex person, I don’t resent anyone and my thoughts are no longer about death. Now I am a new person, because Jesus made me born again!”

Telma Micaela