A family gathering on Christmas Day

    • As Christmas approaches, more and more of us are preparing for the festive season. From the food to the presents  and the Christmas jumpers, this period is a busy and happy one. But among all of the festivities of the Christmas season, this time of year is also a special one for one of the greatest things we have: family.

      Regardless of the troubles or conflicts we may have with our loved ones,  Christmas is the time when we resolve all the issues we had and unite. It is the time when we appreciate each other and draw closer as a family.

      The importance of family is unmistakable.

      On 25 December, we will be having a special Christmas meeting, and we would like to invite you and your family to join us on this happy occasion. This will be a great opportunity for you to start your Christmas day in love and unity.

      Perhaps your family are not in the country or maybe your friends are like your family. Whatever the case, we encourage you to attend this very special Christmas meeting.  And if you don’t have any family, join us anyway, as we will be your new family!

      You are not alone.

      Come to this special occasion on 25 December, at 10:30AM!

      If you would like more info you can sent an email: info@uckg.fi or call/txt: +358 50 5430 336