700 tons of food donated in Portugal, for about 36 thousand families

Since the beginning of the pandemic, until the end of last July, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, through the work of Unisocial, delivered approximately 700 tons of food.

The inside of the bags contained rice, pasta, oil, beans, canned food, tuna, sausages, sugar, salt, oil, Maria biscuits, milk… in short, they were bags, in a way complete, with the most essential foods, for reach the table of nearly 35,000 families.

These thousands of families have largely benefited from the delivery of the food bags, thus minimizing the shortages and even famine situations that many face. Some even received two or three bags, but all of them certainly received at least one.

On that occasion, not only food was distributed, but also the groups of volunteers present in the neighborhoods distributed a message and faith and prayers.

Those who went to the Church to receive their bags also did not leave empty, as they took physical food for the care of the body, but mainly spiritual food, as in the Church they received the word of faith and the prayer, so that they could keep strong to fight in their day to day.

People who are happy and truly grateful and marveling at the work done by Universal. This great social solidarity action, which has been carried out by Unisocial, has also come to mark Portuguese society, as there are many families or homes that have been reached.

The Lord Jesus Himself stated that blessed is he who helps the needy, because the Lord delivers him in the day of evil, guards and protects him. In the bed of pain the Lord restores your health (Psalm 41:1). So, these ‘servants’ and ‘handmaids’ of God, who are happy people, blessed, because they are guarded, protected by the Living God, Unique and Almighty.

If you want to make your non-perishable food donation at a Universal Church, look for the one closest to your home. Check with the pastor to proceed with your donation, so that it can reach Unisocial, the food bags can be prepared and, consequently, donated to the neediest families.

For more info you can sent an email: info@uckg.fi or call/txt: +358 50 5430 336

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