3 Initiatives to win in 2023

Did you enter 2023 with the repercussion of your mistakes?

Maybe your business plan didn’t fall through or you were striving to get the job of your dreams but it was only rejection after rejection.

With a new year ahead, you can decide how you will write your story, even if things haven’t worked in your favour. Below are three ways to use your initiative to win in your finances in 2023:

1. Don’t be conformed to your challenges: it may be easier said than done, but don’t give in to your current financial status especially if it’s not what you want. Decide to look ahead and pursue your goals.

2. Don’t listen to negative words or thoughts: protect your goals and dreams by rejecting negative thoughts or comments. Decide to feed yourself with what is positive.

3. Make God your partner: put Him at the forefront of your life, seek His guidance, obey His Word and He will do what you can’t.

If you want to succeed in your financial life and make God your partner you are welcome to attend the Congress of Success meetings that will take place every Monday at 6.00pm